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Fresh Air is proud to offer an innovative solution to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and help reduce well-documented germ-containing aerosol spray produced by normal toilet use and flushing. Fresh Air is the perfect solution for your home, business, and assisted living facility.

This innovative-patented vented seat simply activated by a flip of a bathroom light switch, odors and aerosol that contain contaminants such as germs, bacteria, and viruses are then inconspicuously exhausted outside the residence or building.

Why Choose Fresh Air?
  • Fresh Air is easy to install and easy on the pocket.
  • Once you’ve got it you’ll never go back!
Why Choose Fresh Air?
  • Compatible with conventional toilet cisterns, most international toilets.
  • Easily fitted to existing toilets without the need to removed or re-model.
  • Out of sight and out of mind.
  • Meets and exceeds all US Standards.
  • Bad odors will never embarrass you again.
  • Clean and hygienic way to remove toilet odors.
  • Consumes less than 1% of the electricity used by ceiling exhaust fans.
  • Removes odors directly from the toilet bowl.
  • Saves you money on air fresheners.
  • Easy to install and easy on the pocket.
  • Keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • A non-chemical and hygienic alternative for the removal of odors.
  • Environmentally friendly.

How does the Fresh Air toilet Seat work ?

The unique design of the Fresh Air eliminates odors in homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels, and more. Hospitals and long-term care facilities can benefit from the Fresh Air by eliminating odors caused by Crohn’s disease, rectal cancer, Celia disease, gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis, and others.

Don’t just mask odors!
More Volume!
Saves Energy!

How the Fresh Air toilet Seat venting work ?



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Fresh Air: A Minor Change for a Major Difference


A basic change in the way you think about the bathroom. Fresh Air offers a permanent solution to what was always considered an unavoidable inconvenience of daily life . . . Unpleasant bathroom odor!
Imagine a bathroom that offers all the usual modern conveniences, but NEVER BUILDS ODOR! Fresh Air has developed a self-exhausting toilet seat that provides the user maximum comfort and the most pleasant bathroom experience. Gone are the irritating whirrrr of the overhead ventilation fan, along with that ever-present nasal cocktail of fresh flowers and fresh excrement. Microscopic bacteria are pulled directly from the toilet bowl, before they get a chance to spread out and settle on counter-tops, towels, and toothbrushes. The current occupant is left in peace with maximum comfort, and the next user is relieved when they find the bathroom stink-free, without the need for scented candles or chemical air fresheners.
Fresh Air toilet seats include an exhaust fan and take suction directly from the toilet bowl. The air from inside the toilet bowl is immediately vented outside the home or office in order to maintain a stink and germ-free bathroom. The minor volume of air in the toilet bowl, usually about 15 – 20 liters (0.53 – 0.71 cubic feet), is quickly removed by a small exhaust fan. This eliminates the need for a much larger and more expensive fan (usually about 100 times the electrical consumption of Fresh Air), which formerly would attempt to exhaust the entire volume of air in the bathroom, 7000 – 15000 liters (250 – 530 cubic feet). This large volume air exchange is wasteful, inconvenient, and unsanitary. The stench of excrement remains while waiting for the bathroom to ventilate, and the incoming air must be air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. Why add cost and inconvenience to the home when a simple solution is available?
What is the real cost of Fresh Air, not only in dollars and cents, but in time and trouble for the homeowner? The truth is, Fresh Air toilet seats are priced competitively with basic toilet seats on the market, but let's look at the real question, is it worth the trouble for a homeowner or a business? Fresh air uses the same basic mounting structure as any normal toilet seat, so it fits the bowl that is already in place. Electrical power is almost always readily available from the local ventilation fan, as is the exhaust. The change-over can be accomplished in an afternoon, and the bathroom will be stench free forever.
The Fresh Air toilet seats are high-quality: they are made of sturdy plastics and guaranteed with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. The exhaust fan is compact but rugged, and has a rated service life estimated to last nearly 100 years under normal usage conditions. Fresh Air toilet seats are maintenance free, and require no more effort to clean than any normal toilet seat.
The construction of a Fresh Air toilet seat is efficient. The product carries a wholesale price tag of $your price for a basic order of (Quantity here). Larger orders are eligible for a discounted rate. The retail price of a Fresh Air toilet seat is $your price. This equates to a gross profit of $$$$$$ for each completed sale of a Fresh Air toilet seat. The market is currently in its earliest phase, and the demand will only grow as people realize the benefits and are exposed to the product. It is realistic to expect that the Fresh Air toilet seat will eventually completely replace the conventional toilet seat and overhead ventilation fan in the same manner that many new technologies eliminate older, less efficient technologies.

Builders who build homes that include Fresh Air toilet seats will be able to attract additional interest from prospective buyers with a simple change that requires no extra work. All ventilation piping and electrical connections are already near the toilet seat, and other homes on the market will (for now) be seen as a little “behind the times.” It is well-understood that bathrooms and kitchens play a heavy part in selling a home, and this gives a builder a little edge in appeal versus a contemporary bathroom that is not outfitted with Fresh Air. Additional costs for a “high-end” bathroom can be included in the builder's price.


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